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Certified Professional Home Inspector in Oklahoma City, OK.
We offer evening and Saturday inspections

tips homebuyer book

Tips for Homebuyers

Introducing our must-have free booklet! Uncover expert tips for a seamless real estate experience, endorsed by our InterNACHI® Certified Professional Inspector. From Professional House Inspection to Pre-Purchase Home Inspection, our advice is your compass. Need Affordable Home Inspection Services? We're your solution. Seeking an Experienced Home Inspector Near Oklahoma City? We've got you covered. Download your Tips for Homebuyers Book now for a knowledgeable read, brought to you by Night Owl Home Inspections Residential Home Inspection.

What We Inspect and Why

A home inspection, such as Night Owl Home Inspections, is vital for informed home buying. Our InterNACHI® Certified Professional Inspector's expertise uncovers hidden defects, from Professional House Inspection to Pre-Purchase Home Inspection, ensuring Affordable Home Inspection Services in Oklahoma City. Safeguard your investment's well-being with insights from our Tips for Homebuyers Book.

  1. Interior, exterior, walls, windows, and doors

  2. HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)

  3. Basement, crawlspace, and structure

  4. Fireplace

  5. Roof and attic

  6. Electrical

  7. Plumbing

House systems and components in a home inspection

Meet Your Inspector

Steve Tiller

My name is Steve Tiller, and I am the owner and inspector of Night Owl Home Inspections. I am an InterNACHI Certified Master Inspector (#18040935) and an Oklahoma certified home inspector (#1686). I have been doing home inspections for 6 years and have done over 1,000 inspections.

I am currently a high school math teacher and have been teaching for the last 25 years. Before my career in education, I spent 14 years in the architectural field. I worked as an architect for both McDonalds and Sonic restaurants as well as various architects in the Oklahoma City area.

Inspector Steve Tiller

We Educate Our Clients

During the home inspection conducted by Night Owl Home Inspections, we prioritize educating you on the functioning and maintenance of your house. Valuable tips on conserving home energy will be shared. Scientific evidence links housing conditions to human health, and we'll ensure your home supports your well-being, especially with our Experienced Home Inspector Near Oklahoma City, providing a healthy living environment for you and your loved ones. Rest assured, your satisfaction is our goal.


How it works


How to maintain it


How to save energy

What Really Matters In a Home Inspection

My Promise To You

Choosing the right home inspector near you can feel overwhelming. You might not meet me until our appointment, which is different from other professionals you hire. Each inspector, like those in Home Inspection Companies, comes with varying qualifications, equipment, experience, reporting methods, and pricing.

I became interested in home inspections as something to do in the summer as well as a career after I retire from education. With my background in architecture, home inspections seemed like a natural fit. My education background has also been helpful as part of any home inspectors’ job is to educate the buyer about their potential purchase.

Roof Inspection 2

I have been married to my wonderful wife Julia for 37 years and have 3 grown children. 2 daughters, Jennifer and Glennda and 1 son, Devren. I also am the proud grandfather to 6 grandchildren, Lexi, Janna, Dev, Keegan, Walker and Myles.
I like to spend any spare time with my family, especially my grandkids. I enjoy any activity that I can do outdoors with my family.

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